Adverse Weather

Planning for Adverse Weather

As winter approaches, I would like to make you aware of the access arrangements that are put in place in the event of adverse weather conditions such as severe frost or snow.

During these conditions normal entrances/exits are altered and access to the school will be as follows:

From the front of the school:

There will be a path cleared from the front pedestrian gate to the pavement leading past

St Kenneth’s nursery, Kiwi playgroup and round to the pupil entrance in the courtyard.

At the back of the school:

The back gate will be closed and the gate from East Mains Road into the Eco garden will be opened. A path will be cleared from this gate to the school entrance opposite and children will come straight into the school this way.

Parents/carers bringing children to our nursery or the Kiwi playgroup should use the front entrance

Parents/carers using the car park and drop off area do so at their own risk.

Text Messaging

Should the school and or nursery have to close in an emergency situation (such as adverse weather) we will contact parents by text. To do this we need to have ONE telephone number that receives SMS messages (usually a mobile) for each child. Please complete the form and return it to the school or nursery by Wednesday 31st October. The system only allows us to enter ONE telephone number to receive the text message therefore we need parents to advise us which number you wish us to use for this purpose.

Hopefully we will not need to put these arrangements into place too often – if at all!

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Geraldine O’Hanlon

Head Teacher

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