If your child is starting school for the first time, you must enrol your child at their catchment school in January. If parents want their child to go to another school, they must enrol in the first instance with their catchment school and ask for an information leaflet that provides details on how to make a placing request.

An online placing request form is available from the SLC website – www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk or by contacting edsuppserv.helpline@southlanarkshire.gov.uk or phone 0303 123 1023.

To register your child for school, you should complete our online registration form.

This can be done using the South Lanarkshire website:
www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk/info/200186primary school information/392/enrolling your child for school

If you have any difficulty in identifying your catchment school, please email:

The online registration form will ask you to provide each child’s full birth certificate and two pieces of recent official documentation both containing your permanent home address, for example, a utility bill, council tax statement, housing rent card or child benefit documentation.

Proof of where the child lives may also be needed.

If your child attends the nursery of your catchment school, don’t assume that they will be automatically transferred. You must register them as normal.

Appropriate notices regarding dates and times will be inserted in the local press by the Education Authority. Additionally, announcements will appear in the church bulletin and in the local community stating enrolment times within St. Kenneth’s.

When registering your child for school you must bring the child’s birth certificate, two pieces of identification showing proof of residency and your child’s baptismal certificate if appropriate.

Should you move outside the catchment area of the local school your child is enrolled in, you must complete a ‘request to remain form’. If you require further information, please contact Education Support Services on 01698 454102.

Any parent offered or seeking a place in the school, can telephone the school for arrangements to visit.

Transition to Primary:
In the summer term a varied programme is arranged in order to make the transition from Nursery to P1 as smooth as possible. A full induction programme is carried out which involves: nursery visits, new starts visiting the school and workshops for parents.

We hope to make the introduction to school as pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable an experience as possible for your child.

Transfer from Primary to Secondary School:
Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary school between the ages of 11½ and 12½, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least 4 years of secondary education. Arrangements are made by the school to transfer children to the associated secondary school as determined by their home address. Parents of P7 children will be informed of the transfer arrangements made for their child to attend secondary school.

We will also provide you with information at this time on events designed to support P7 children before they move on to secondary school.

Change of School/Placing Request:
Normally children attend the school in their catchment area. However, there are times when parents may wish their children to go to other schools. If you wish your child to go to another school then you may make what is known as a ‘placing request.’ If you live in South Lanarkshire and decide to submit a ‘placing request’, we are unable to reserve a place in your catchment school until the Council have made a decision on the ‘placing request’. Please note if your ‘placing request’ application is unsuccessful and all places at your catchment school are filled you will be offered a place at the next nearest appropriate South Lanarkshire School.

Please note that if an application for a ‘placing request’ is made then free school transport is not provided.

If you move out with your catchment primary school a ‘request to remain form’ must be completed. If you move out with your catchment primary, this may affect your right to transfer to the associated Secondary School. Please note the secondary school is determined by the pupil’s permanent home address and chosen denomination. If you require further information, please contact Education Support Services on edsuppserv.helpline@southlanarkshire.gov.uk or 0303 123 1023.

The parents of pupils transferring to St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s are normally invited to meet the Head Teacher and her senior staff early in the session prior to the transfer. An induction programme for pupils is arranged in the summer term to ease the process of transition.

A close working relationship exists between St. Kenneth’s and St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s and the staff from the various departments visit the school to work with the pupils prior to transfer. Information on progress is transferred with the pupil to St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s.

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