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Faith Life of the School
St Kenneth’s Primary School is a Roman Catholic school which welcomes all faiths.
Children who practice the Catholic Faith prepare for Sacraments at particular times throughout their Primary School years.

At Primary 3 children prepare for and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This usually takes place during the month of March in St Bride’s Church at 7pm.

At Primary 4 children prepare for and receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist. This is celebrated on a Saturday morning during the month of May in St Bride’s Church, East Kilbride at 10am.

At Primary 7 children prepare for and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The date of this can change as this is advised by Motherwell Diocese. The Sacrament is usually administered by the Bishop and can take place in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon.

Arrangements for all Sacraments are given to parents in good time as soon as these have been finalised with the parish priest and Motherwell Diocese.

Scottish Government Ministers consider that religious observance complements religious education and is an important contribution to pupils’ development. It should also have a role in promoting the ethos of a school by bringing pupils together and creating a sense of community.

There is a statutory provision for parents to withdraw children from participation in religious observance. This right of parents’ wishes will be respected.
Where a child is withdrawn from religious observance, schools will make suitable arrangements for the child to participate in a worthwhile alternative activity.

Religious Education is a core subject in all schools and provision is made for this in our school curriculum.
Since St. Kenneth’s is a denominational school, the development of Catholic attitudes and values are stressed, with the ultimate aim of making a worthwhile contribution for the benefit of both individual citizens and the communal environment.

As stipulated by the Religious Authority of the Diocese of Motherwell, This is Our Faith Religious Resource and God’s Loving Plan forms the basis of our religious teaching
and our children are prepared for the Sacraments at the appropriate level of development.

As St. Kenneth’s is some distance from the church, arrangements have been made for Mass to be celebrated in school on Holidays of Obligation and each First Friday of the month by our Chaplain, Father Ness.

Religion, ideally, is not merely a subject in the school curriculum but a way of life, so God, His Truth and His Life are integrated into the philosophy and curriculum of our school. The Education Act allows parents to withdraw their children from instruction in religious subjects and from any religious observance, and any such pupils will not be placed at any disadvantage with respect to secular instruction.

Parents may request that their children be permitted to be absent in order to celebrate recognised religious events. Advance notice should be provided to the school when children will be absent. Appropriate requests will be granted and the pupil noted as an authorised absentee in the register.


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