Nursery Entrance Procedures

Aim of Nursery Entrance Procedures

To ensure the safety and supervision of children entering the Nursery.
Audience for Procedures

Nursery staff:
Relationship to Curriculum

Health and well being
Review Date

May 2016

1 The member of staff on duty checks the screen, opens the main door and welcomes parents/carers and children.
2 Children are helped to hang up their coat and change their shoes.
3 The member of staff on duty oversees parents/carers signing the register and recording any Nursery Fund contributions.
4 Children enter the playroom and are welcomed by other staff. They are helped to find their name for self-registration.
5 Unexplained absences are reported to the school office staff who will contact parents/carers.
6 Unknown callers at the Nursery entrance are directed via the intercom to the school office.

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