Nursery Outings Procedures

Aim of Nursery Outings Procedures

To ensure the safety and supervision of children on outings.
Audience for Procedures

Nursery staff:
Relationship to Curriculum

Health and well being
Review Date

May 2016

1 Trips must be no more than 1 hour’s driving time away from Nursery.
2 A risk assessment must be completed in advance by the member of staff in charge of the outing and signed by the Nursery Teacher.
3 Children and adults must wear seat belts on the bus.
4 Competed medical consent forms (EV5) for each child must be carried by the member of staff in charge of the trip.
5 The adult to child ratio is 1:4 (nursery staff) and 1:2 (parent/carer helpers).
6 The member of staff in charge of the outing must carry a mobile phone, a first aid box, a change of clothes and any medication.
7 A register must be completed before leaving and on return to the Nursery. The register must also be checked at appropriate times during the outing, including times when children get on and off buses.


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