Outdoor Area Procedures

Aim of Outdoor Area Procedures

To ensure the safety and supervision of children in the outdoor area
Audience for Procedures

Nursery staff, students
Relationship to Curriculum

Health and well being
Review Date

May 2016

1 Children using the outdoor area must be supervised by a member of staff. If a large number of children choose to play outdoors, the member of staff in the literacy area will also supervise the outdoor area.
2 Children must wear clothing and footwear that are suitable for the weather. In hot weather parents are asked to supply a sunhat and to apply sunscreen before their child comes to Nursery.
3 All equipment must be removed from the storage cupboard and the door locked before the children enter the outdoor area. Children must not play near the perimeter fence.
4 Large climbing equipment must be surrounded by protective mats. A maximum of four children can play at one time.The door of the wooden hut must be kept open while children are playing inside.
5 Drinks and food must be consumed indoors.
6 The gate must be kept unlocked to allow exit from the outdoor area in an emergency.


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