Partnership with Parents and Carers

Aim of policy

To work with parents and carers to develop an effective home/nursery partnership that promotes the development of each child.
Audience for policy

Nursery staff, students, parents and carers
Relationship to Curriculum

All areas of curriculum
Review Date

May 2016

1 Prior to the child starting Nursery, parents/carers will be invited to bring their child for two introductory visits. Parents /carers will have the opportunity to share information about their child with the key worker who will show them around the nursery. A nursery information booklet will be given to parents/carers.
2 During the ‘settling in’ period, nursery staff will work with parents/carers to support the child as they become secure in the nursery environment. An ‘All About Me’ booklet is completed by parents/carers, the child and nursery staff and this is retained in the child’s folder.
3 Parents/carers will have the opportunity of sharing information and learning about their child’s achievements through informal day-to- day discussions with nursery staff. Each child has a folder with examples of their work which is available for parents/carers to look at in the reception area. A written report is provided at the end of the year and parents/carers are offered an appointment to discuss their child’s progress.
4 Parents/carers will have access to information about the curriculum and events such as Open Evenings through the monthly newsletter.
5 Parents/carers will be encouraged to help in the Nursery and to join the Parent/Carer Liaison Group.


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