Prevention of infection

Aim of Procedures

To ensure that measures are in place to prevent the spread infection in the nursery environment.
Audience for Procedures

Nursery staff: students, helpers
Curricular area

Health and well-being
Review Date

May 2016

1 All staff must be aware of and accept responsibility for preventing the spread of infection through handwashing, covering cuts and following the correct procedures for the storage and preparation of food.
2 Children will be trained to wash their hands after flushing the toilet and before eating. They will also be encouraged to blow their noses and to put the tissue in the bin before washing their hands.
3 Staff will check the toilets at intervals during the day and sign the record sheet.
4 Staff will follow procedures for changing children and dealing with incidents involving body fluids.
5 The fridge and the kitchen surfaces will be checked and cleaned daily and the cleaning record will be signed by the responsible member of staff.
6 Each week all furniture and equipment will be moved from the vinyl area to allow the floor to be thoroughly cleaned.
7 At the end of each term construction equipment will be sterilised, clothing washed and chairs, surfaces and trays cleaned.

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