Promoting Positive Behaviour

Aim of policy

To encourage children to be kind and to share with each other and to show respect for the Nursery environment.
Audience for policy

Nursery staff, parents/carers, students
Relationship to Curriculum

Health and well-being
Review Date

May 2016

1 Nursery staff will model appropriate behaviour when they interact with children and members of staff. They are responsible for establishing a caring, well-organised learning and teaching environment. Children’s efforts and achievements will be praised so that each child feels included and valued.
2 Children starting nursery will be given individual support to help them become secure and confident. Staff will also be pro-active in supporting children who have additional needs and those who are coping with difficulties at home.
3 Puppets and stories will be used to encourage brief, informal discussions about appropriate behaviour in a variety of situations.
4 When a child has difficulty managing his/her behaviour, a member of staff will take the child aside and speak calmly to them about what has happened and how things can be made better.Children will be encouraged to respect and appreciate each other and staff will seek to enable children to express their feelings and concerns.
5 Nursery staff will work with parents/carers to support children who need help from time to time to manage their behaviour. Advice will be sought from the Head Teacher who will meet with parents/carers if necessary.

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