School name: St. Kenneth’s Primary School
Address: West Mains Road
East Kilbride
G74 1PU
Telephone Number: 01355 224741
School App: PSA/SKPS/1967
Stages covered: Nursery to Primary 7
Current School Roll: 554 including nursery class
Denomination Status: Roman Catholic

Ground Floor: 7 infant classrooms, Nursery and janitor’s office, administration area, kitchen and school hall.
First Floor: 10 classrooms and ICT suite, library and general purpose area

Early Years
The school has a nursery which provides a learning environment for young children. Parents from any area may apply to attend the nursery class. To find out more about the nursery please contact the school. However, it should be noted that if you register your child for a nursery in a school this does not mean that they will automatically be enrolled at this school when they are ready to start primary school. All children who move from early years to primary education must register separately for school in the month of January.

The Learning Community
A learning community is made up of schools and education establishments from the area including the secondary school, primary schools, early year’s establishments, early year’s partners and schools and bases which provide specialist additional learning services. It is about working together to plan better outcomes for children and young people.

The learning community develops ways of working between establishments and with other agencies and organisations to ensure services are responsive, accessible and are delivered as effectively as possible.

St. Kenneth’s forms part of the St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s Learning Community which includes
St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s Secondary School and the 5 other Associated Primary Schools:
St. Hilary’s, St. Leonard’s, St. Vincent’s, St. Louise and Our Lady of Lourdes.

Each learning community is managed by a Head of Education. The Head of Education for East Kilbride is Lynn Sherry.

School Community Links
In St. Kenneth’s we are aware of the important role the school plays in the local community. These links include local industry; St. Bride’s Church and associated groups, local and national charities and voluntary organisations, national training organisations, Community Police, School Medical Service, Psychological Services and Social Work. These links have enriched our curriculum through visits to museums and the local community and through various visitors to the school.

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