St Kenneth’s Primary has established a Parent Council. The Parent Council consists of a core group (6 Members) who meet on a monthly basis and a wider Parent Council group (approximately 16 members) who meet termly. All members serve on a voluntary basis.

The Head Teacher acts as the professional advisor to the Council but has no voting rights. Local councillors may also attend Parent Council meetings but have no voting rights.

Details of Parent Council meetings can be found in school newsletters, school notice board and on our school

Parent Council (Core Group)
Ms Moore – Chairperson
Mrs Quinn – Vice Chairperson
Mr McGee – Secretary
Mrs Pramanik – Core Member

Mr Padmanabunie – Core Member


Mrs J Lynas Staff Member
Miss P Connolly Staff Member

The Parent Council meets in the school once a month with the wider council meeting on a termly basis. Details can be found on our school website

If you want to know more about Parent Council please contact the Head Teacher or the chairperson Ms V Moore.

Membership of the Parent Forum
All parents are members of the parent forum.

As a member you can expect to:
* get information about what your child is learning;
* get information about events and activities at the school;
* get advice/help on how you can support your child’s learning;
* be told about opportunities to be involved in the school;
* have a say in selecting a parent council to work on behalf of all parents at your school.

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