Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher   Mr Dave Adams

Depute Head Teacher (P4 to P7) Miss Pauline Connolly
Depute Head Teacher (P1 to P3)  Mrs Lynn Marcuccilli

Principal Teacher Mrs Jude Lynas (1.0)

Principal Teacher Mrs Lynne Curry (0.6)

Principal Teacher Mr Mark McGinley (0.4) 

Class Teachers
Mrs Gray and Mrs Golfis,  Room 1, Primary 1.
Miss McCulley, Room 2, Primary 1.
Mrs Currie (Principal Teacher) and Mrs Cunningham, Room 3, Primary 1/2.
Mrs Lynas (Principal Teacher), Room 4, Primary 2. 
Miss Russell, Room 5, Primary 2.
Miss McGovern, Room 6, Primary 2/3.
Mrs Smith and Miss McEvoy, Room 7, Primary 3.
Mr Wyatt, Room 8, Primary 3/4.
Mrs Phiri, Room 9, Primary 4.
Mrs Sim, Room 10, Primary 4.
Miss Linskey, Room 11, Primary 5.
Miss Young, Room 12, Primary 5.
Mrs O’Brien, Room 13, Primary 5/6.
Mr Friel Room 14, Primary 6.
Mrs Fullerton Room 15, Primary 6/7
Mr McGinley, Room 16, Primary 7.
Mrs Darling & Mrs McGinness, Room 17, Primary 7.

Nursery Staff

Jacqui Greenless – Team Leader

Early Years Workers:

  • Alison Morrison
  • Laura Durie
  • Kimberly McGill
  • Julie Hanlon
  • Alison Moir
  • Karen Brolly
  • Arlene Robertson


Visiting Support Mrs V Duchak Educational Psychologist
Mrs C Whalin Network Support Teacher

Support Staff Team leader

Mrs C McKechnie

Clerical Staff and Office Support 
Ms M Davis
Mrs L Hutton
Ms A Moir

Support Assistants

  • Mrs S Farrell
  • Mrs L Paris
  • Mrs G Robertson
  • Mrs F Seymour
  • Mrs E Watson
  • Mrs L Ferguson
  • Mrs T Ashelby
  • Mrs K Smith

Janitor Mrs A Boyle

Catering Staff 
Mrs E Wallace
Mrs M Lamont
Mrs K Morrison
Mrs B Marno
Mrs K Tyczynska
Mrs L Love
Ms K Western
Ms S McIntyre
Mrs L Baird-McMillan


Cleaning Staff 
Mrs S MacLeod (Supervisor)
Mrs C Kelly
Mrs J William
Mrs F Morton
Mrs M Lennon

School Chaplain Father F McGachey

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